Phishing Eager Travelers

Threat actors have always been adept at keeping abreast of worldwide trends – ranging from geopolitical to technical – and rapidly exploiting these trends for their benefit. The current pandemic is no exception. Unit 42 has previously reported on how cybercriminals have preyed on consumers during COVID-19 and on the use of COVID-19 themed phishing attacks impersonating brands like Pfizer and BioNTech. This article provides early warnings for the travel industry and global travelers by sharing information about various attack attempts targeting the travel industry.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when people all over the world scrambled to get protective supplies – personal protective equipment, sanitizer and toilet paper – threat actors tried to take advantage of supply issues by selling fake products. They also tried to trick people by purporting to be credible health organizations (such as the WHO) or pharmaceutical companies, all while the actual organizations and companies were trying to make sense of the virus and come up with metrics, protective measures and vaccines.

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Source: Palo Alto