Pilot group calls for rethink to aviation cyber security approach

November 17, 2015

There is no shortage in this world of IT experts and aviation experts. But as any journalist who covered the Chris Roberts “did he or didn’t he” inflight entertainment hacking affair can attest, there are few true experts who cover both fields extensively. This lack of cross-disciplinary expertise poses a problem for an industry that is seeking to buttress its cyber security…and fast. That’s why a vocal minority, including some pilots, are calling for airlines and airframers to open their proverbial kimonos to non-aviation IT professionals so that all parties can learn together.

“If someone does something to the inflight entertainment system and concludes he can access systems on the plane, we arrest him. How is that going to help?” asked KLM Boeing 777 pilot Jeroen Kruse today at the first annual Aviation Cyber Security Think Tank in Washington DC, and in apparent reference to Robert’s April arrest.

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