Post Office Phishing Hits Credit Card Users in 26 Countries

Phishing remains a popular and effective tactic that malicious actors continue to deploy against internet users. The current retail climate brought about by the global health crisis has only worsened the problem. Many countries across the globe have seen a surge in online shopping, and malicious actors are quick to deploy campaigns that take advantage of that trend. Trend Micro has noted a particular wave of phishing emails that has been targeting credit card users since late last year.

Trend Micro has been tracking this phishing campaign since last year. The campaign distributors attempt to steal people’s credit card number by sending phishing emails related to deliveries from national postal systems. The emails try to lead users to phishing websites that capture their credit information. This is a widespread attempt that affects at least 26 countries, including the United States, Switzerland, China, Japan, and Singapore. There have already been reports about this campaign in the Hong Kong press and the United States.

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Source: Trend Mucro