Russia stresses importance of cybersecurity cooperation with Indonesia

October 3, 2016

Cybersecurity threats are an acute problem for the international community, requiring stronger intergovernmental cooperation to tackle, a top Russian diplomat has said.

Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Y. Galuzin stressed on Monday the importance of boosting cooperation between governments to address the increasing threat of terrorism and organized cybercrime.

“We are open to broad and close cooperation with our Indonesian and ASEAN colleagues and friends in this sphere,” Galuzin told The Jakarta Post during a press briefing at the ambassador’s residence on Monday.

He expressed concern over the increased use of the internet, including social media, in terrorism, to recruit new militants, propagate extreme views, and to communicate with other terror perpetrators on the ground.

“Regretfully, the internet and cyber technologies have been used more and more intensively by terrorists and organized crimes in their criminal activities. This is why all governments should strongly combat and destroy such terrorism attempts,” Galuzin said.

He further said cooperation between Russia and Indonesia was expected to cover capacity building in the area of cybersecurity and sharing of information.

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