Security Risks in Logistics APIs Used by E-Commerce Platforms

The connectivity that we’ve experienced of late has improved at an unprecedented speed and scale largely because application programming interfaces (APIs) enable the seamless integration of different systems from different entities. APIs integrate data and services between businesses and third-party vendors to address various market needs, enhance the provision of services, and obtain consumer insights, thus driving the significant growth of e-commerce in recent years.

If API integration is improperly implemented, the risk of leaking personally identifiable information (PII) could arise. Many verticals that use API communication should be sufficiently secured especially when sensitive data is being transmitted. Otherwise, inadvertent PII leakage can lead to serious consequences not only for organizations that fail to fulfill their legal or compliance obligations but also for consumers whose PII is exposed. Trend Micro research paper, “Examining Security Risks in Logistics APIs Used by Online Shopping Platforms,” looks more closely at e-commerce and logistics, two markets that have significantly expanded during the pandemic.

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Source: Trend Micro