Stuxnet-like IRONGATE Malware Found Targeting SCADA Equipment

June 2, 2016

Several years have passed since the infamous Stuxnet malware managed to destroy centrifuges in multiple Iranian nuclear power plants, but now security firm FireEye claims to have discovered a new type of ICS/SCADA targeting malware that uses some of the same Stuxnet features.

Nicknamed IRONGATE, the malware targets only ICS/SCADA equipment manufactured by Siemens. FireEye says it detected the malware in the second half of 2015, but it managed to track down some of the malware’s samples to September 2014, when multiple entities uploaded different versions of the malware on VirusTotal.

The security firm says detection ratio was zero at that time, and that no attacks with this malware were ever recorded in the wild.

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