Surge in demand for cybersecurity

December 14, 2015

Cybercrime has dominated the headlines in recent months, and there have been growing concerns around the threat of cyberattacks on retailers ahead of the traditional Christmas shopping period.

A recent report by ThreatMetrix predicts a significant spike in cybercrime in the run-up to the festive season. With a 25 per cent increase in cyberattacks against online retailers already reported this year, there is substantial evidence to suggest this concern is well placed.

The good news is that the cybersecurity industry is working hard to meet this increasing need. The products and services delivered by specialist cybersecurity firms are in high demand as spending by governments and corporations in the area rises.

For investors, these cybersecurity businesses may offer a growth-oriented investment opportunity.

The global growth prospects from the sector are compelling. Since 2009, reported cybersecurity incidents have grown at a year-on-year compound annual growth rate of 66 per cent.

As this threat grows, cybersecurity firms are likely to experience a continued and increasing demand for their services.

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