The Network Security Challenge: Improving Visibility to Defend Against Cyberthreats

By Kev Eley, Vice President Sales UK and Europe at LogRhythm

Keeping your digital environment safe is a constant struggle with bad actors continuously looking for new ways to gain an edge. The new levels of digitalization being implemented by businesses worldwide is causing a rapid increase in the sophistication of cybercrime. Cyberattacks can come in many forms and organization’s networks are attractive targets for threat actors who have the potential to cause damaging, large-scale breaches.

Despite security teams’ continuous efforts, threat actors are taking advantage of blind spots across networks to exploit access vulnerabilities. A report by Statista estimates that the global cost of cybercrime reached $8.4 trillion in 2022. This number is only set to grow and so it is imperative that organizations gain more conclusive insights into network activity.

Implementing a comprehensive network security foundation is key to enabling seamless business growth. An effective cybersecurity strategy is crucial to eradicate threats at the source and gain full visibility over the network.

The Battle for Visibility

With cyberattacks, such as ransomware, phishing and malware on the rise, network security has never been more critical. Security operation center (SOC) teams are facing growing strain. As the threat landscape continually evolves, key vulnerabilities are highlighted for organizations who are exposed to new and emerging threats.

Protecting the network is an ongoing challenge for many cybersecurity professionals. As threats are ever-growing in sophistication, teams need to be detecting and responding to network security threats quickly and effectively.

Time is crucial when it comes to responding to malicious activity on an organization’s network. Security teams are struggling to detect threats at the earliest opportunity and are putting themselves at more risk of harm and potentially irreparable damage with a lack of full visibility across their network.

However, this problem extends beyond the network perimeter. Insufficient visibility paired with the ever-growing threats caused by digitalization means that emerging threats require monitoring beyond the perimeter, such as in the cloud. Security teams are, in most cases, not well equipped to protect the network through detection alone. Organizations need to combine prevention, detection and response in order to defend data, reduce noise and quickly secure their environment.

From Detection to Prevention

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are becoming more important than ever as threats increase and evolve, making it imperative that security professionals respond with efficiency. Looking into network data is often the earliest indicator of system compromise, but without insight into the data, organizations simply can’t implement the steps to remediate it.

According to an Industry Research report, the global NDR market size is forecast to reach $5370.4 million by 2028. Adopting an NDR solution provides a comprehensive set of modules, dashboards and workflows that enable organizations to secure their network with confidence.

NDR plays an integral part in protecting the network. Empowering security teams with an NDR solution enables a vigilant approach to defend against threats, ensuring security compliance across vulnerable touchpoints. It delivers a comprehensive analysis of any attacks, starting from infiltration of the network to lateral movements. This way, teams can be assured that threats are being proactively prevented. NDR continuously monitors network traffic to and from an organization’s data center to detect suspicious behavior patterns. Organizations gain insight into their entire data footprint with vital visibility into threats.

With an NDR solution, security operations teams are enabled to conduct rapid threat investigation across the environment, adding analytics and behavioral capabilities that result in a fast response rate and greater ability to mitigate threats with agility.

Having access to comprehensive support to identify the attack and limit the potential damage is simple with an NDR solution. Teams are armed with the highest quality signals and automated responses that enable them to confidently defend their organization. NDR’s hybrid approach enables SOCs to remediate and contain risks with ease.

Ultimately, NDR solutions make it easier to detect and respond to threats, supporting rapid investigation, full visibility, and enhanced threat detection – a must for any security team.

An Empowered Network Future

Without NDR solutions, organizations struggle to analyze network threats, data and analytics successfully. This causes further strains on SOC teams and reveals weaknesses within organizations. With the right platform in place, organizations can see improved security posture and threat resiliency through its strengthened network.

Detecting lateral movement, exfiltration, malware compromise, and other threats in real time are all made possible through an NDR solution. The time to fight against the threat actors inflicting severely damaging consequences to your organization’s data and security is now.

About the author

Kevin Eley is responsible for Sales in Europe at LogRhythm, the market leader in SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and NDR solutions. With 12 years experience in leading sales teams in the cyber security sector he has plenty of experience across start-up and enterprise environments. Previously to LogRhythm Kevin has held position at IBM, Microsoft and TrapX Security.


Cyber Security Review online – January 2023