Tracking Earth Aughisky’s Malware and Changes

For security researchers and analysts monitoring advanced persistent threat (APT) groups’ attacks and tools, Earth Aughisky (also known as Taidoor) is among the more active units that consistently make security teams vigilant. Over the last decade, the group has continued to make adjustments in the tools and malware deployments on specific targets located in Taiwan and, more recently, Japan.

Trend Micro research paper, “The Rise of Earth Aughisky: Tracking the Campaigns Taidoor Started,” lists all the malware attributed to the group, the connections of these malware families and tools with other APT groups, and the latest updates in illicit activities potentially connected to real-world changes. Trend Micro research also covers recommendations and potential opportunities from the changes this APT group appears to be undergoing.

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Source: Trend Micro