Trickbot module descriptions

Trickbot (aka TrickLoader or Trickster), is a successor of the Dyre banking Trojan that was active from 2014 to 2016 and performed man-in-the-browser attacks in order to steal banking credentials. Trickbot was first discovered in October 2016. Just like Dyre, its main functionality was initially the theft of online banking data. However, over time, its tactics and goals have changed. Currently Trickbot is focused on penetration and distribution over the local network, providing other malware (such as Ryuk ransomware) with access to the infected system, though that’s not the only functionality it supports.

Over the years, Trickbot has acquired dozens of auxiliary modules that steal credentials and sensitive information, spread it over the local network using stolen credentials and vulnerabilities, provide remote access, proxy network traffic, perform brute-force attacks and download other malware. In this document, we decided to provide a brief description of the Trickbot modules. Despite the fact the dates indicated in the PE headers of some modules are quite old, these modules are still available for download and can be used by threat actors. Such information should simplify analysis of any activity related to Trickbot.

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Source: Kaspersky