Trident upgraded to protect against cyber attack

March 29, 2016

Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent is to be updated to protect it from cyber attack.

Software in the nuclear missile system will be upgraded as defence officials admitted there was “legitimate concern” about threats from cyber hackers.

The Trident missiles, which are shared with America, will be updated amid growing worries defence computers and systems could be vulnerable to cyber attacks from Russia, China, groups such as Islamic State or organised crime gangs.

A former Defence Secretary last year warned that the deterrent was unreliable unless the Government could ensure it was free of cyber weak spots that might be targeted.

Lord Browne of Ladyton warned: “If they are unable to do that then there is no guarantee that we will have a reliable deterrent or the Prime Minister will be able to use this system when he needs to reach for it.”

The US Navy has now announced American and British Trident missiles will be upgraded as both nations pour billions into cyber security.

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