UK Government hackers made hundreds of thousands of stolen credit cards ‘worthless’ to crooks

A joint operation involving intelligence agency GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence took direct action against computer networks used by cyber criminals, helping to protect people against cyberattacks and also making hundreds of thousands of stolen credit cards worthless to the crooks who stole them.

The action by the National Cyber Force – using the combined resources of the MoD and GCHQ – has been revealed by Jeremy Fleming, director of GCHQ.

“Through the National Cyber Force, we are actively undermining the cyber criminals’ assumption that they can act with impunity on the internet. We have disrupted criminals, making it clear that they are being observed, and going after their ability to profit from their illegal work,” he said, speaking at the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Cyber UK event in Newport, Wales.

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Source: ZDNet