UK Police Arrest Sage Employee at London Airport

August 18, 2016

London City Police officers arrested an unnamed 32-year-old Sage female employee at the London Heathrow airport on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

“A 32 y/o woman has been arrested in relation to the ongoing fraud investigation from the business firm Sage,” City Police wrote on Twitter, with no other additional details.

London police announced the suspect’s arrest six days after Sage detected a data breach on its servers and started notifying clients.

Sage, a Newcastle-based IT firm that makes accountancy software for over 300 companies, said the breach occurred via unauthorized access using an internal login.

The breach most likely exposed accounting and payroll data from the affected companies but also exposed the personal details of employees at those businesses as well.

The woman police arrested is now out on bail, according to a BBC report. She remains the main suspect in the investigation.

Sage didn’t say if the login used to access the data in the breach was used with malintent, or was utilized by a third-party after compromising the employee’s account.

This is a big win for UK police, who managed to track down and arrest the main suspect in less than a week after the breach occurred, and a mere one day after the news made headlines in the international press.

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