xHunt Actor’s Cheat Sheet

Unit42 has been researching the xHunt attack campaign on Kuwaiti organizations for several months. Recently, we found evidence that the developers who created the Sakabota tool, which was previously discussed in the xHunt campaign, had carried out two sets of testing activities in July and August 2018 on Sakabota in an attempt to evade detection. These testing activities involved the developer compiling several variations of the tool with slight changes made to the code base, each of which the developer will submit to online antivirus scanning services to determine the vendors that detect their tool. The name Sakabota appears to be referencing a sword named Sakabato in an anime called “Rurouni Kenshin,” which fits the anime-themed tool names seen in the 2019 XHunt campaign.

While analyzing the Sakabota samples created by the developer in these testing activities, we found a cheat sheet that the developers included within the tool, which we suspect was meant to help the operator of the tool carry out activities on the compromised system and network. This is the first time we’ve seen a malware developer include a cheat sheet of example commands to assist the operator in carrying out the activities on the compromised system and network. We believe the inclusion of this cheat sheet within the tool may suggest that the developer and operator of the Sakabota tool are different individuals.

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Source: Paloalto