USNA Graduates First Cyber Operations Midshipmen

May 25, 2016

The first 27 of the U.S. Naval Academy’s cyber operations majors graduate May 27 with the Class of 2016.

The academy first announced its intention to offer a cyber operations major in spring 2013, and the midshipmen of the Class of 2016 were the first to be able to select it.

“It’s really a humbling experience to be one of those plankowners,” said Midshipman 1st Zac Dannelly. “It’s so unique because it’s not only the first time USNA has offered it, but really it’s the first program of this kind in the nation. It’s not just for our education and those coming behind us at USNA, but we’re kind of paving the way for how this can be taught uniquely around the nation.”

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