Verizon Media, PayPal, Twitter Top Bug-Bounty Rankings

Bug-bounty programs have become a popular way for vendors to root out security flaws in their platforms, attracting talented white-hats with the promise of big rewards. According to HackerOne’s 2020 List of the Top 10 Bug Bounty Programs on its platform, Verizon Media, PayPal and Uber are in the elite group.

“These top 10 programs are setting the standard for how transparency breeds trust in security in collaboration with a team of diverse hackers from across the globe,” HackerOne CTO and co-founder Alex Rice said in an emailed statement. “At HackerOne, Default to Disclosure is one of our values. And while this isn’t a mandate for our customers and hackers, it is something we encourage every customer to think about. By sharing where we’re vulnerable, other defenders can learn, friendly hackers can learn, and we’re all safer in the end.”

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Source: ThreatPost