Void Balaur and the Rise of the Cybermercenary Industry

Cybercriminals have different motivations: for example, some malicious actors have disruptive political attacks as their objective, while others might be more inclined towards cyberespionage and gathering information on their victims. Of course, financial gain remains a powerful cybercrime motivation — perhaps even the most common one. Some malicious actors, such as ransomware operators, earn directly from their cyberattacks. Others, however, prefer to act as “cybermercenaries,” selling their services to anyone willing to pay.

One of the most prolific cybermercenaries is Void Balaur, a Russian-speaking threat actor group that has launched attacks against different sectors and industries all over the world. Although Void Balaur offers a wide range of services, the group’s bread and butter is cyberespionage and information theft, selling highly sensitive information on individuals in underground forums and websites such as Probiv.

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Source: Trend Micro