Web beacons on websites and in e-mail

There is a vast number of trackers, which gather information about users’ activities online. For all intents and purposes, We have grown accustomed to online service providers, marketing agencies, and analytical companies tracking our every mouse click, our social posts, browser and streaming services history. The collected data can be used for improving their user interfaces or the overall user experience, or to personalize ads.

There exist various types of trackers meant for collecting different types of information: advertising (AdAgency) trackers, analytics (WebAnalytics) trackers, and so on. Most of these are largely used on websites and inside applications. There are more versatile trackers too, used on websites, inside applications, and even in e-mail. This article describes one of these tracker types: web beacons. In this blog Kaspersky researchers demonstrate what tracking systems’ and companies’ web beacons their security products (anti-tracking browser extensions and antispam technology) detect most often.

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Source: Kaspersky