What to do when your employees are a Cyber Security Risk


You should be wholly dedicated to preventing cyber attacks on your business. We have full confidence that you’ve employed a series of measures already.

Unfortunately, cyber attacks happen regularly today, even against more wholesome stores like WHSmith. Of course, such a business is long established and undoubtedly prepared, and though no customer data was reported lost, they were still targeted. Criminals will always take their shot.

While you might introduce cyber security measures, your workers and their conduct arguably impact things the most. If they don’t perceive the issue as they should, then major breaches can occur.

What can you do if you’ve identified an employee as a cyber security risk? Let’s explore appropriate responses below.

Send Out Reminders

Some business bosses might worry about annoying their employees with reminders about cyber security. Nevertheless, notice must be served intermittently, impressing how important the issue is.

There are many ways you can reach out to employees on the issue. They include:

  • Positioning signs around the workplace stressing the importance of cyber security.
  • Pinning notices on the topic to staff room noticeboards.
  • Sending out companywide emails that feature reminders of best practices.
  • Posting news articles in work chats about companies that have been subject to significant data breaches and what the fallout was.
  • Sharing email scams you get sent and flagging them as an example of what to look for and as proof of the scale of the problem.

Diversifying how you engage should prevent fatigue on the topic. It may help employees understand how multi-dimensional the problem of cyber security is.

Upscale Training

There is no blanket approach to cyber security training. New measures are constantly introduced, and some providers will help you reach a wider audience of workers.

Among many other course types, iHASCO provides a state-of-the-art cyber security awareness training course. It’s CPD-accredited and designed for businesses and their individual workers to use. Staff receive all the practical tools they need to remain safe online and to safeguard company interests. It also meets business compliance criteria and is available in 37 languages and with closed captions.

Another great thing about these courses is that you can see how highly rated they are by other users. The courses can be completed in as little as 35 minutes from any device, too. So, there’s really no good reason for your workers not to partake and relearn the weight of their cyber security responsibilities.

Avoid Scare Tactics

Frustrations can occur if employees aren’t doing all they can with cyber security. While major data breaches are probably a case for dismissal, only measured responses are recommended if an incident of that scale is yet to occur.

If you’re constantly threatening to dismiss staff or punish them for things they have yet to do, it’s a very poor way to do things. Remember, workplace bullying is being clamped down on, and your scare tactics will only push your talented workers out the door. After that, you’ll be training new workers who similarly leave quickly.

Your ability to be a noble leader under pressure is vital. Build your workers up rather than breaking them down, even when there’s a lot at stake. They’ll become more competent with experience, so you must retain talent.

March 2023