Discord’s updated Terms of Service are exactly the wrong response to its recent data breaches

It seems that Discord has been in the news for one reason or another lately, ranging from layoffs to massive privacy breaches and information theft by third parties.

And now there’s something new on the horizon — one that may not seem like such a huge deal now but could cause massive issues later on down the line for Discord users.

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Source: MSN News

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  • Cyber-hackers target UK nuclear waste company RWM

    December 31, 2023

    Hackers have targeted the company behind a £50bn project to build a vast underground nuclear waste store in Britain, its developer has said. Radioactive Waste Management, the company behind the Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) project, has said that hackers unsuccessfully attempted to breach the business using LinkedIn. RWM is the government-owned entity behind a trio of ...

  • Why Is an Australian Footballer Collecting My Passwords?

    December 20, 2023

    Unit 42 researchers have observed threat actors using malicious JavaScript samples to steal sensitive information by abusing popular survey sites, low-quality hosting and web chat APIs. In some campaigns, attackers created chatbots that they registered to someone noteworthy such as an Australian footballer. Other malware campaigns they saw included both web skimmers injected into compromised sites ...

  • UK: Police to be able to run face recognition searches on 50m driving licence holders

    December 20, 2023

    The police will be able to run facial recognition searches on a database containing images of Britain’s 50 million driving licence holders under a law change being quietly introduced by the government. Should the police wish to put a name to an image collected on CCTV, or shared on social media, the legislation would provide them ...

  • USAF cracks down on ‘need to know’ violations in wake of Discord leaks

    December 12, 2023

    Just because you’re cleared for secrets doesn’t mean you have a “need to know” them. After hundreds of classified documents were leaked earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force is trying to ensure that airmen clear both bars before they access sensitive information. The service has “implemented several reforms to improve procedures related to need to ...

  • France bans ministers from WhatsApp, Signal; demands French alternatives

    November 30, 2023

    French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has banned widely used messaging apps WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal for ministers and their teams due to security vulnerabilities, according to a memo obtained by French news outlet Le Point. “These digital tools are not devoid of security flaws, and therefore cannot guarantee the security of conversations and information shared via ...

  • Social engineering attacks lure Indian users to install Android banking trojans

    November 20, 2023

    Microsoft has observed ongoing activity from mobile banking trojan campaigns targeting users in India with social media messages designed to steal users’ information for financial fraud. Using social media platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, attackers are sending messages designed to lure users into installing a malicious app on their mobile device by impersonating legitimate organizations, such ...