Hacking Team Hacker Behind WikiLeaks Turkey AKP Emails Dump

July 21, 2016

Phineas Fisher, the hacker responsible for breaching the Hacking Team servers last year, has taken responsibility for hacking into the servers of the AKP (Turkish: Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi / English: Justice and Development Party), Turkey’s ruling party.

According to his own accounting of the incidents, he hacked into the AKP’s email servers trying to gather intelligence to support the people in Syria’s Rojava and Bakur provinces, made up mainly of Syrian and Turkish citizens of Kurdish descent, who Phineas Fisher claims have been attacked by Turkish forces.

The hacker explains that, after downloading some of the data, he gave half of it to a member of those two provinces, which, in turn, handed it over to WikiLeaks for analysis.

WikiLeaks decided to publish the data after the failed military coup in Turkey, to take advantage of the big media hype surrounding Turkey.

Phineas Fisher opposed this move since he still had a foothold on the infected APK server and was still downloading data.

The Rojava and Bakur representative told WikiLeaks to hold off on publishing the data, but WikiLeaks went on and did it anyway.

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