Hellhounds: Operation Lahat. Part 2

In November 2023, the team at the Positive Technologies Expert Security Center (PT ESC) released their first research report on attacks by the hitherto-unknown group Hellhounds on Russian companies’ infrastructure: Operation Lahat.

The report focused on the group’s attacks on Linux hosts that relied on a new backdoor known as Decoy Dog. Hellhounds carried on attacks on organizations located in Russia, scoring at least 48 confirmed victims by Q2 2024. As the PT ESC CSIRT team responded to an incident at a transportation company, they detected previously unreported attacks on Windows-based infrastructure, besides already-known TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) and attacks on Linux hosts. The new investigation also found that Hellhounds had been successfully hitting Russian companies since at least 2021. It is a known fact that development of the malware began at least as early as 2019.

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Source: Positive Technologies

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