Lloyds Bank Hit with DDoS Attack for Three Days Straight, Reasons Yet Unknown

January 23, 2017

Lloyds Bank was hit with a DDoS attack for three days straight as hackers tried to crash the website, managing to cause intermittent outages for customers on the personal banking websites.

It seems that it all happened two weeks ago, starting on January 11 and ending on Friday 13, the Financial Times reports.

The largest lender in the UK was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) by international hackers, although it is not mentioned from where exactly this attack came from. Flooding the website with huge volumes of traffic, so they overload the system, hackers managed to cause some issues for the British bank by prohibiting customers to access online banking in order to check their balance or send payments, something we have all become so accustomed to.

DDoS attacks are somewhat of a go-to tool for cyberattackers who try to take down various websites and services. They are quite popular, and we hear about them quite frequently, sometimes with success on the part of the hackers, other times with failure. This time around, it seems that they did not manage to do much damage, despite the prolonged time of the attack.

Thankfully, unlike other attacks on banks, this time no customers lost money. For instance, Tesco Bank was victim to a cyberheist just recently where hackers got away with $3.1 million from 9,000 customers.

According to Lloyds officials, only a small number of customers experienced any problems over the three days. Most often than not, when they attempted to log in, they were not able to access their accounts.

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