News – June 2023

  • Sneaky DoubleFinger loads GreetingGhoul targeting your cryptocurrency

    June 12, 2023

    Stealing cryptocurrencies is nothing new. For example, the Mt. Gox exchange was robbed of many bitcoins back in the beginning of 2010s. Attackers such as those behind the Coinvault ransomware were after your Bitcoin wallets, too. Since then, stealing cryptocurrencies has continued to occupy cybercriminals. One of the latest additions to this phenomenon is the multi-stage ...

  • Is Fighting Cyber-Espionage Against Dissidents Getting Difficult?

    June 11, 2023

    Spying on opposition leaders, dissidents and critics has always been a norm in countries ruled by right-wing, fascist or authoritarian governments. The latest method has been to use emerging technologies which penetrate email accounts or smartphones and acquire all information about such activists, politicians, or scribes. One of them is the Pegasus spyware, developed by an ...

  • Ireland: Fresh cyber attack impacts HSE

    June 9, 2023

    The Health Service Executive (HSE) has been impacted by a fresh cyber attack. Work is ongoing to determine the impact on HSE data following the attack which has been as criminal in nature and international in scale. But no patient data is believed to have been accessed at this stage. Read more… Source: The Irish News  

  • Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth probing hacked data

    June 9, 2023

    A prominent Australian law firm is investigating claims hackers have published data taken from the company on the dark web. HWL Ebsworth, which has clients at either commercial or government level in every state or territory, on Friday said it had learned of the data release. Read more… Source: The New Daily  

  • Ukrainian hackers take down service provider for Russian banks

    June 9, 2023

    A group of Ukrainian hackers known as the Cyber.Anarchy.Squad claimed an attack that took down Russian telecom provider Infotel JSC on Thursday evening. Among other things, Moscow-based Infotel provides connectivity services between the Russian Central Bank and other Russian banks, online stores, and credit institutions. Read more… Source: Bleeping Computer  

  • Detecting and mitigating a multi-stage AiTM phishing and BEC campaign

    June 8, 2023

    Microsoft Defender Experts uncovered a multi-stage adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attack against banking and financial services organizations. The attack originated from a compromised trusted vendor and transitioned into a series of AiTM attacks and follow-on BEC activity spanning multiple organizations. Read more… Source: Microsoft  

  • Offbeat Social Engineering Tricks in a Scammer’s Handbook

    June 8, 2023

    Contrary to stereotype, today’s cyberattacks aren’t limited to complex tactics such as the use of zero-day exploits or polymorphic malware that flies under the radar of traditional defenses. Instead of going the extra mile to set such schemes in motion, most threat actors take a shortcut and piggyback the human factor. A combination of a would-be ...

  • CISA Releases Two Industrial Control Systems Advisories

    June 8, 2023

    CISA released two Industrial Control Systems (ICS) advisories on June 8, 2023. These advisories provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits surrounding ICS. ICSA-23-159-01 ​Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000 Read more… Source: U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Related story: CISA Adds One Known Exploited Vulnerability to Catalog   

  • #StopRansomware: CL0P Ransomware Gang Exploits MOVEit Vulnerability

    June 7, 2023

    CISA and FBI released a joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) CL0P Ransomware Gang Exploits MOVEit Vulnerability in response to a recent vulnerability exploitation attributed to CL0P Ransomware Gang. This joint guide provides indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) identified through FBI investigations as recently as May this year. Additionally, it provides immediate ...

  • UAE: ChatGPT used to launch cyber and ransomware attacks, says head of cybersecurity

    June 7, 2023

    Cyber attackers are using ChatGPT to launch ransomware attacks, said a senior UAE government official on Wednesday. “The emerging trend at the start of the year is that ChatGPT is used in some of the ransomware and phishing attacks. We investigated this with our partners and the discovery is really clear that adversaries are using that ...