News – September 2023

  • CISA Adds Eight Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog

    September 18, 2023

    CISA has added eight new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, based on evidence of active exploitation. CVE-2022-22265 Samsung Mobile Devices Use-After-Free Vulnerability CVE-2014-8361 Realtek SDK Improper Input Validation Vulnerability CVE-2017-6884 Zyxel EMG2926 Routers Command Injection Vulnerability Read more… Source: U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Related: CISA Adds One Known Vulnerability to Catalog  

  • HWL Ebsworth hack: 65 Australian government agencies affected by cyber-attack

    September 18, 2023

    Sixty-five Australian government departments and agencies were victims of the cyber-attack on legal firm HWL Ebsworth, the national cybersecurity coordinator has revealed. In a speech on Monday, Air Marshal Darren Goldie also revealed that some people and clients with personal information exposed in the hack have yet to be informed. The Russian-linked ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group hacked the law ...

  • Kuwait’s finance ministry says cyberattack hit one of its systems

    September 18, 2023

    Kuwait’s finance ministry said on Monday that one of its systems had suffered a cyberattack in the early morning but that the ministry continued to work normally. The ministry said in a statement that protection systems and procedures had been activated and “the level of the hacking attempt is being assessed.” Read more… Source:  Alarabiya News  

  • Cyber attacks and dozy drivers: These are the future risks of self-driving cars

    September 17, 2023

    “A large cyber-terrorist attack targeting the operating systems of many self-driving vehicles simultaneously could cause mass casualties” – that is the alarming scenario presented by MPs after their investigation into autonomous cars on British roads. After a 15-month enquiry, the transport select committee has issued a hard-hitting report highlighting the hazards self-driving vehicles could create. Read more… Source: ...

  • China becomes main victim of advanced persistent threat attacks: Ministry of State Security

    September 16, 2023

    According to the Ministry of State Security on Saturday which is the 23rd National Defense Education Day, China has become the main victim of advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks, adding that cyberspace has become an important battleground for foreign intelligence agencies to conduct cyber espionage against China, Xinhua Daily Telegraph reported. The national security departments of ...

  • UNC3944 Leverages SMS Phishing Campaigns for SIM Swapping, Ransomware, Extortion, and Notoriety

    September 15, 2023

    UNC3944 is a financially motivated threat cluster that has persistently used phone-based social engineering and SMS phishing campaigns (smishing) to obtain credentials to gain and escalate access to victim organizations. At least some UNC3944 threat actors appear to operate in underground communities, such as Telegram and underground forums, which they may leverage to acquire tools, ...

  • Cyber-attacks: the apex of crime-as-a-service (IOCTA 2023)

    September 15, 2023

    The Spotlight Report ‘Cyber-attacks: the apex of crime-as-a-service’, examines the developments in cyber-attacks, discussing new methodologies and threats as observed by Europol’s operational analysts. It also outlines the types of criminal structures that are behind cyber-attacks, and how these increasingly professionalised groups are exploiting changes in geopolitics as part of their methodologies. This report is the ...

  • Peach Sandstorm password spray campaigns enable intelligence collection at high-value targets

    September 14, 2023

    Since February 2023, Microsoft has observed password spray activity against thousands of organizations carried out by an actor we track as (HOLMIUM). Peach Sandstorm is an Iranian nation-state threat actor who has recently pursued organizations in the satellite, defense, and pharmaceutical sectors around the globe. Based upon the profile of victim organizations targeted and the observed ...

  • UK: Greater Manchester Police officers’ details hacked in cyber attack

    September 14, 2023

    Police officers’ personal details have been hacked after a company was targeted in a cyber attack. The firm in Stockport, which makes ID cards, holds information on various UK organisations including some of the staff employed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The force confirmed it was aware of the ransomware attack. The hack means thousands of ...

  • China: Identity of NSA hacker behind cyberattack on China’s leading aviation university identified

    September 14, 2023

    During the investigation of the cyberattack against Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), a leading Chinese aviation university, China has successfully extracted multiple samples of the spyware named SecondDate, and with the collaborative efforts of partners in various countries, the real identity of the US’ National Security Agency (NSA) personnel responsible for launching the cyberattack on NPU ...