The Fall of LabHost: Law Enforcement Shuts Down Phishing Service Provider

In late 2021, LabHost (AKA LabRat) emerged as a new PhaaS platform, growing over time to eventually offer dozens of phishing pages targeting banks, high-profile organizations, and other service providers located around the world, but most notably in Canada, the US, and the UK.

The popularity of the platform meant that at the time of the takedown, it boasted more than 2,000 criminal users, who had used it to deploy over 40,000 fraudulent sites leading to hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide. The platform offered a number of key benefits to its criminal clientele, including: The ability to obtain two-factor authentication (2FA) codes by proxying the connection to the phished organization using Adversary-in-the-Middle (AitM) techniques.

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Source: Trend Micro

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