VK.com HACKED! 100 Million Clear Text Passwords Leaked Online

June 6, 2016

Another day, another Data Breach! Now, Russia’s biggest social networking site VK.com is the latest in the line of historical data breaches targeting social networking websites.

The same hacker who previously sold data dumps from MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Fling.com, is now selling more than 100 Million VK.com records for just 1 Bitcoin (approx. US$580).

The database contains information like full names (first names and last names), email addresses, plain-text passwords, location information, phone numbers and, in some cases, secondary email addresses.

Yes, plain-text passwords. According to Peace, the passwords were already in plain text when the VK.com was hacked. So, if the site still stores passwords in cleartext today, this could be a real security risk for its users.

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