A Closer Look at the Web Skimmer

The formjacking attack has been one of the fastest-growing cyberattacks in recent years. As explained in our previous blog, “Anatomy of Formjacking Attacks,” the formjacking attack is easy to deploy but hard to detect. It has gained popularity among threat actors, especially against e-commerce websites. Between May and September 2020, we detected an average of 65,000 malicious HTML pages and 24,000 unique URLs compromised by formjacking attacks.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the web skimmer attack, which is one of the most widely used formjacking attacks. We will present several web skimmer samples and provide an in-depth analysis of the attack vectors deployed during the attack. We hope this blog will help security researchers understand how web skimmer attacks happen in a real-life environment and develop effective detection and defense mechanisms.

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Source: Palo Alto