A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution

Google Project Zero researchers want to thank Citizen Lab for sharing a sample of the FORCEDENTRY exploit with them, and Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture (SEAR) group for collaborating with Google Project Zero on the technical analysis. The editorial opinions reflected below are solely Project Zero’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the organizations Project Zero team collaborated with during this research.

Earlier this year, Citizen Lab managed to capture an NSO iMessage-based zero-click exploit being used to target a Saudi activist. In this two-part blog post series Project Zero researchers will describe for the first time how an in-the-wild zero-click iMessage exploit works.

Based on their research and findings, they assess this to be one of the most technically sophisticated exploits they’ve ever seen, further demonstrating that the capabilities NSO provides rival those previously thought to be accessible to only a handful of nation states.

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Source:  Google Project Zero