A New Web Skimmer Campaign Targets Real Estate Websites Through Attacking Cloud Video Distribution Supply Chain

Supply chain networks are frequent targets for cybercrime, as controlling a weak link in the supply chain can grant cybercriminals access to more victims – especially when the weak link is the source of the supply chain. Recently, we found a supply chain attack leveraging a cloud video platform to distribute skimmer (aka formjacking) campaigns. In skimmer attacks, cybercriminals inject malicious JavaScript code to hack a website and take over the functionality of the site’s HTML form page to collect sensitive user information. In the case of the attacks described here, the attacker injected the skimmer JavaScript codes into video, so whenever others import the video, their websites get embedded with skimmer codes as well.

With Palo Alto Networks detected over 100 real estate sites that were compromised by the same skimmer attack. The skimmer attack has grown in popularity with attackers since we published our previous blog posts, “Anatomy of Formjacking Attacks” and “Data Analysis: A Closer Look at the Web Skimmer.” After analysis of the sites we identified, we found that all the compromised sites belong to one parent company. All these compromised sites are importing the same video (accompanied by malicious scripts) from a cloud video platform.

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Source: Palo Alto/Unit 42