A Timeline Perspective of the SolarStorm Supply-Chain Attack

On Dec. 13, the cyber community became aware of one of the most significant cybersecurity events of our time, impacting both commercial and government organizations around the world. The event was a supply-chain attack on SolarWinds OrionⓇ software conducted by suspected nation-state operators that we are tracking as SolarStorm. Unit 42 was able to connect this event back to an attack we successfully prevented earlier this year. On Dec. 18, we launched a SolarStorm Rapid Assessment program resulting in more than 600 companies requesting this service within the first four days.

While this is not the first software supply-chain compromise, it may be the most notable, as the attacker was trying to gain widespread, persistent access to a number of critical networks. Given the importance of the event, we are publishing a timeline of the attack based on our extensive research into the information available to us and our direct experience defending against this threat. We believe this will be invaluable to cybersecurity professionals in the industry responding to this attack, as well as to other researchers piecing together the event details. And as we learn that this threat actor used additional attack vectors, we urge everyone to share what they know about this attack so that we as a cybersecurity community get a complete picture of it as quickly as possible.

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Source: Palo Alto