Advanced Threat predictions for 2021

Trying to make predictions about the future is a tricky business. However, while we don’t have a crystal ball that can reveal the future, we can try to make educated guesses using the trends that we have observed over the last 12 months to identify areas that attackers are likely to seek to exploit in the near future.

Let’s start by reflecting on our predictions for 2020.

  • The next level of false flag attacks
  • From ransomware to targeted ransomware
  • New online banking and payments attack vectors
  • More infrastructure attacks and attacks against non-PC targets
  • Increased attacks in regions that lie along the trade routes between Asia and Europe
  • Increasing sophistication of attack methods
  • A further change of focus towards mobile attacks
  • The abuse of personal information: from deep fakes to DNA leaks

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Source: Kaspersky