After Windows and Android, Operation Emmental Starts Targeting Apple Users

Security experts have discovered new malware that is specifically aimed at Apple customers, after previously targeting users running Windows and Android on their devices.

Believed to be part of Operation Emmental, which was first spotted in 2012, the new malware is called Dok and is primarily targeting customers of Swiss banks, according to an in-depth analysis made by security firm Trend Micro.

In essence a Mac version of Windows banking Trojan Retefe and WERDLOD, the new Dok malware tries to infect Apple devices via a phishing email that includes several files with ZIP and DOCX extensions.

“The email also comes with two files attached claiming to contain questions for the user: one is a .zip file, which is a fake OSX app, while the other is a .docx file used to target Windows operating systems using WERDLOD. Both of these samples work as Banking Trojans and provide similar functionalities,” Trend Micro explains.

Fake online banking login page

Once the compromised files are clicked, the malware removes the App Store from the system and triggers a fake OS X update screen, asking for the administrator password to continue. Once these credentials are provided, the malware starts downloading other apps and deploy fake certificates that prepare a Man-in-the-Middle attack.

The malware automatically kills the browsers to install the certificates and then, whenever users attempt to connect to Swiss bank websites, a fake page is displayed to steal the credentials. Domains triggering the fake online banking login page are listed in a hardcoded list, and traffic is hijacked only if the infected computer uses an external IP based in Switzerland, Trend Micro says.

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Source: Softpedia