Almost 50 Percent of 2018 Vulnerabilities Can Be Exploited Remotely

Approximately half of all vulnerabilities disclosed during 2018 come with a remote attack vector while only 13% of them require local access according to Risk Based Security’s 2018 Q3 Vulnerability Quick View Report.

As reported by Risk Based Security, 16,172 vulnerabilities were published by their VulnDB team until the end of Q3 2018, with a 7% decrease when compared to the total of vulnerabilities unearthed during the time interval in 2017.

“The trends through Q3 2018, as compared to 2017, are interesting. Only three months, January (4.5%), February (24.6%), and May (7.6%) showed an increase in disclosures compared to 2017,” says Risk Based Security. “The remaining months showed decreases ranging from July with a 1.7% dip, to September with a significant 40.0% drop.”

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Source: Softpedia