APT Adversaries Up the Ante on Speed, Target Telecom

Despite law-enforcement wins in the form of several high-profile arrests and indictments during 2018, nation-state adversaries have upped their games when it comes to speed.

That’s according to CrowdStrike’s 2019 Global Threat Report, which found that when analyzing how long it takes to go from initial compromise to the attacker’s first lateral movement within the network, Russian-speaking APTs (such as Fancy Bear) have the most chops, with an average time of just over 18 minutes. That’s almost eight times faster than second-ranked North Korea-linked threats (Lazarus Group/Chollima, for instance), which had a collective average time of two hours and 20 minutes.

Chinese nation-state actors like Deep Panda meanwhile averaged about four hours, and Iranian nation-state actors (i.e., Charming Kitten) came in around five hours.

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Source: ThreatPost