APT annual review 2021

The Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky posted the summary of most interesting trends and developments of the last 12 months. This is based on Kaspersky visibility in the threat landscape and it’s important to note that no single vendor has complete visibility into the activities of all threat actors.

Private sector vendors play a significant role in the threat landscape

Possibly the biggest story of 2021, an investigation by the Guardian and 16 other media organizations, published in July, suggested that over 30,000 human rights activists, journalists and lawyers across the world may have been targeted using Pegasus. The report, called Pegasus Project, alleged that the software uses a variety of exploits, including several iOS zero-click zero-days. Based on forensic analysis of numerous mobile devices, Amnesty International’s Security Lab found that the software was repeatedly used in an abusive manner for surveillance.

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Source: Kaspersky