As cyber criminals start targeting retail, companies must be ready to fight back

Given the current geopolitical situation, it’s easy to conflate cybersecurity with the war in Ukraine and bad actors overseas. Historically, cyber-attacks have traditionally been associated with nation states and hacktivists conducting high-profile attacks on high-profile targets to wreak havoc, make headlines, and draw attention to their cause. However, the current cyber-security landscape is far murkier – and it’s right on our doorstep – thanks to the rise of organised cyber-crime at scale.

This underground economy, fuelled by the Internet and easy access to illegal tools on the Dark Web, has made cyber-attacks far more profitable, viable and repeatable, enabling cyber-criminals to operate down-market. The strategy is no longer to score one big hit, but rather to systematically steal smaller amounts of money, quietly racking up significant profits. As a consequence, no one is safe.

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Source:  MSN News