Attacker’s psychology: what to consider when defending against DDoS attacks

Although DDoS attacks are mainly carried out with bots, the initiators and coordinators of the attacks are humans. The nature of the attacks, their intensity and duration largely depend on their motivation and behaviors.

According to StormWall researchers observations, attackers who launch DDoS attacks almost always want to ensure that their efforts have been successful and that the availability of the resources they are targeting has decreased significantly for some time. The subsequent reaction may vary: Many attackers are ecstatic when they discover that the DDoS attack was successful, while other, more professional hackers simply tell their customers about the attack and move on to the next.

The owners of the attacked resources and those who provide their DDoS protection are fighting “on the other side of the barricades,” so it is in their best interest to ensure that the attacker does not learn how successful the attack was.

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Source: StormWall