BAHAMUT Spies-for-Hire Linked to Extensive Nation-State Activity

A cyberespionage group known as BAHAMUT has been linked to a “staggering” number of ongoing attacks against government officials and private-sector VIPs in the Middle East and South Asia, while also engaging in wide-ranging disinformation campaigns.

That’s according to BlackBerry researchers, who said that the highly resourced group is probably operating on a mercenary basis, offering their services to the highest bidder.

“BAHAMUT is behind a number of extremely targeted and elaborate phishing and credential-harvesting campaigns, hundreds of new Windows malware samples, use of zero-day exploits, anti-forensic/AV evasion tactics, and more,” said Eric Milam, vice president of research operations at BlackBerry, in a report issued on Wednesday.

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Source: ThreatPost