Billions of Passwords Offered for $2 in Cyber-Underground

A “compilation of many breaches” – COMB for short – has been leaked on the cyber-underground, according to researchers. The so-called COMB contains a staggering 3.27 billion unique combinations of cleartext email addresses and passwords.

The trove is an aggregate database that brings together older stolen data from breaches past – including credentials from Netflix, LinkedIn, Exploit and others. COMB – which was given that name by the person who posted it online – was first made public on Feb. 2 by a user dubbed “Singularity0x01,” a researcher told Threatpost.

“On February 2, 2020, user Singularity0x01 created a thread on the popular English-language cybercriminal forum RaidForums titled ‘Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB) 3.8Billion (Public),’” Ivan Righi, cyber-threat intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows, said.

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Source: ThreatPost