Black Basta Ransomware Operators Expand Their Attack Arsenal With QakBot Trojan and PrintNightmare Exploit

Since it became operational in April, Black Basta has garnered notoriety for its recent attacks on 50 organizations around the world and its use of double extortion, a modern ransomware tactic in which attackers encrypt confidential data and threaten to leak it if their demands are not met. The emerging ransomware group has continued to improve its attacks: We recently caught it using the banking trojan QakBot as a means of entry and movement, and taking advantage of the PrintNightmare vulnerability (CVE-2021-34527) to perform privileged file operations.

In the case of a Trend Micro customer, its system was infected with Black Basta ransomware that was deployed by QakBot. This behavior is typical of the QakBot malware family, which has served as a key enabler of ransomware families like MegaCortex, PwndLockerm, Egregor, ProLock, and REvil (aka Sodinokibi). QakBot, which was discovered in 2007, is known for its infiltration capabilities and has been used as a “malware-installation-as-a-service” for various campaigns.

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Source: Trend Micro