BlueKeep ‘Mega-Worm’ Looms as Fresh PoC Shows Full System Takeover

A working exploit for the critical remote code-execution flaw shows how an unauthenticated attacker can achieve full run of a victim machine in about 22 seconds.

A researcher has created a proof-of-concept Metasploit module for the critical BlueKeep vulnerability, which successfully demonstrates how to achieve complete takeover of a target Windows machine.

Reverse engineer Zǝɹosum0x0 tweeted about his success on Tuesday, noting that he plans to keep the module private given the danger that a working exploit could pose to the vast swathe of unpatched systems out there. He also released a video showing a remote code-execution (RCE) exploit working on a Windows 2008 desktop, paired with a Mimikatz tool to harvest login credentials. In about 22 seconds, he achieved full takeover.

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Source: ThreatPost