Bot army risk as 3,000+ apps found spilling Twitter API keys

Want to build your own army? Engineers at CloudSEK have published a report on how to do just that in terms of bots and Twitter, thanks to API keys leaking from applications.

Researchers at the company say they’ve uncovered 3,207 apps leaking Twitter API keys, which can be used to gain access to or even entirely take over Twitter accounts.

Twitter helpfully exposes an API to allow developers access to the microblogging platform. With it, developers can use features such as reading and sending tweets and direct messages, following and unfollowing users and so on. It has proven controversial on occasion and most recently Elon Musk’s legal team complained about API rate limits. Basically, Musk’s claim was that he couldn’t ascertain how many Twitter accounts were run by bots or are otherwise inauthentic.

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Source: The Register