Caught in the Crossfire: Defending Devices From Battling Botnets

Strength in numbers is the main principle behind botnets, networks of devices that have been infected and turned into bots to be used in performing attacks and other malicious activities. With the dawn of the internet of things (IoT), botnet developers have found a new domain to conquer, but there they must compete with one another to grow their bot armies. This so-called worm war is being waged unbeknown to the users who stand to lose control of their devices no matter which cybercriminal ends up winning each battle.

Users must understand the arsenal used in building botnets and turning common IoT devices such as routers into bots. In our research paper “Worm War: The Botnet Battle for IoT Territory,” we take an in-depth look at the world of IoT botnets.

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Source: Trend Micro