Commodified Cybercrime Infrastructure – Exploring the Underground Services Market for Cybercriminals

Beyond standard underground offerings such as malware and exploit kits, cybercriminals also value having a stable hosting infrastructure that underpins all their activities. Such an infrastructure could host malicious content and the necessary components for controlling their operations (e.g., bulletproof hosting that run backend hacker infrastructure or a rented botnet of compromised machines).

In many respects, transactions among cybercriminals occur in ways similar to those in legitimate businesses. Amateurs and professionals alike rely on marketing their products across various platforms — some use social media, while some only do so in controlled, vetted underground forums.

Our first article in this research series provided an overview of the underground market, where services, infrastructures, and tools used to conduct illegal activities are bought and sold. Offerings are diverse and cater to every need. This part of the research series provides a look into the dynamics of the cybercrime ecosystem: the services offered in the underground and how infrastructures are set up for certain criminal applications.

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Source: Trend Micro