Convuster: macOS adware now in Rust

Traditionally, most malicious objects detected on the macOS platform are adware: besides the already familiar Shlayer family, the TOP 10 includes Bnodlero, Cimpli, Adload and Pirrit adware. As a rule, most tend to be written in C, Objective-C or Swift. Recently, however, cybercriminals have been paying increased attention to new programming languages, seemingly in the hope that such code will be more opaque to virus analysts who have little or no experience with the newer languages. We have already seen quite a few samples written in Go, and recently cybercriminals turned their attention to Rust as well.

The first to write about suspicious files in this programming language was a Twitter user, @gorelics:

In the screenshot the tweet shows, one can see that several samples of suspicious code are run by configuration PLIST files through the LaunchAgents/LaunchDaemons mechanism. Alongside the suspicious names of the PLIST files, this is the first wakeup call that the program is dangerous, given the low popularity of Rust-based executables.

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Source: Kaspersky