Crime Cracking Technologies for the Dark Web

Anonymity is the real currency of the digital dark side and not just for the criminals. Organizations such as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) J-CODE, Europol’s EC3, the German Federal Criminal Police, La Police Nationale Française, and many others invest significant amounts of time and cash into technologies and methodologies used to break up large crime rings. Understandably, such organizations would prefer to have as much impact as possible whenever making a move.

Not just for efficiency’s sake but also because, like in chess, every move reveals a bit more of an attacker’s overall strategy and allows their opponents to be more prepared for the next one.

Despite efforts to remain cagy, law enforcement is at a distinct disadvantage next to hackers as far as anonymity goes. They are burdened by the minor inconvenience of having to follow the law, which often forces them to disclose methodologies in court documents or government-sponsored reports. These afford some fascinating insight into how authorities have been busting criminals on the Dark Web.

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Source: CTech