CS4CA USA set to double in size for 2018

In a major step for the Cyber Security for Critical Assets Summit series, Qatalyst Global are very proud to announce that the 2018 USA edition will double in size and feature two distinct work streams, focusing on corporate IT and operational technology respectively. For all the talk of convergence, the two remain distinct fields, and we’re excited to be able to dive deeper into each in breakout sessions.

The Summit will be over two days (March 6-7, 2018), but we’re also holding a hands-on Cyber Offence workshop on the 8th March, with the renowned Dr. Sujeet Shenoi, of the University of Tulsa. It’s designed to give CISOs an attacker’s perspective, learning about the tools and methods used when trying to compromise critical infrastructure, and promises to be a fascinating day.

Here’s a flavour of the speaker lineup already confirmed:

  • Gregory L. Garcia, Director of Corporate Information, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bri Rolston, ICS Security Lead and CTI, Monsanto
  • George Dolicker, CISO, INC Research Inventiv
  • Tim Roxey, Chief Special Operations Officer, NERC
  • Felipe Mondragon, Manager, Operational & Corporate Cyber Security, Noble Drilling
  • Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer, ExxonMobil
  • Jeff Smith, Director of IT Security & Governance, Direct Energy

This year, our key theme across both streams is proactivity: how can we as an industry go on the offence? We’ve got keynotes from the Department for Homeland Security on how they’re supporting the private sector in combatting increasing nation-state attacks, the feasibility of moving operational technology into the cloud, detailed dissection of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and what it means for owner/operators,  as well as some great best-practice examples of IT-OT convergence. Our full agenda is here – why not take a look?

Event Director, Kudsia Kaker, said: “We’re really looking forward to be back in Houston next year, and seeing all of our friends in the security community again. Critical infrastructure remains vitally important to the US economy and cyber threats to it are increasing all the time. CS4CA USA 2018 will be a really important event to build relationships and hear about new approaches to secure operational environments across the States.”

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