CVE-2021-22909- Digging Into A Ubiquiti Firmware Update Bug

Back In February, Ubiquiti released a new firmware update for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, fixing CVE-2021-22909/ZDI-21-601. The vulnerability lies in the firmware update procedure and allows a man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacker to execute code as root on the device by serving a malicious firmware image when the system performs an automatic firmware update. The vulnerability was discovered and reported to the ZDI program by the researcher known as awxylitol.

This vulnerability may sound contrived; a bad actor gives bad firmware to the device and bad things happen. However, insecure download vulnerabilities have been the backbone of multiple Pwn2Own winning entries in the router category since its inception. The impact of this vulnerability is quite nuanced and worthy of further discussion.

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Source: Zero Day Initiative