Cyber security ‘as important as physical security’

A key figure in American business has urged all companies to take the cyber security threat more seriously after chastising his own accountant for paying a ransomware demand.

Jorge Fernandez, VP global commerce for the Metro Atlanta Chamber, said it is time that firms took the same care in cyberspace as they do when installing physical security.

“People take care over physical security but don’t think in terms of cyber,” he told BusinessCloud.

“If you are a cyber security technology innovator, you’re okay: you’re part of the ecosystem. The issue is how to tell the story to enterprise to ensure it makes cyber security an integral part of the business model.

“It’s an education process at enterprise level… it’s an uphill battle.”

The NHS was among a multitude of global organisations targeted by a large-scale ransomware attack called WannaCry, which experts believe originated in North Korea.

Such an attack occurs when someone is tricked into downloading malware which encrypts files on their computer or network and a ransom demand is made for their release.



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Source: Business Cloud.